How to spend your time at Narita Airport Terminal 3

Within Narita Airport, LCC companies are concentrated in Terminal 3, the LCC-only terminal.

Here are some ways to spend your time at Narita Airport Terminal 3.

Narita Airport Terminal 3 is an airport for LCCs, but it also has restaurants, bookstores, drugstores, etc., so you can enjoy just wandering around the airport. Please make the most of it when you use the terminal.


Terminal transfer buses are available from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3.
The free shuttle buses run every 10 to 15 minutes and are marked by yellow bodies.

You can get to Terminal 3 from Terminal 2 by terminal buses or on foot.
To reach Terminal 3 on foot, exit from the North Exit 3 at the end of the first floor of Terminal 2, turn right with your back to the airport, and follow the blue lane on the floor.
We recommend that you allow plenty of time for your trip, as the distance is a bit long and the aisles are narrow.


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Food and Beverage

Narita Airport Terminal 3 is located far from Narita City, and Terminal 3 is the most convenient place to eat at the airport. If you really want to eat somewhere other than the lineup we are about to introduce, you may consider using Terminal 2, which is a little further away but also walkable.


One of the pleasures of travel is souvenirs.

Many people buy souvenirs in bulk at the airport, and Terminal 3 also has a good selection of souvenir shops.

However, please note that there are not as many souvenir shops in Terminal 3 as there are in Terminals 1 and 2 of Narita Airport.


In addition to the regular medicine system, there are also goods on sale that may be useful for travel.

If you are traveling domestically, you can simply find a drugstore upon arrival, but if you are going on an overseas trip, you may prefer to use the items you normally use. If there are any medicines or other items that you missed out on, you may want to purchase them here.

Foreign currency exchange, insurance, telecom

There are stores for foreign currency exchange, insurance, and telecom-related services located right near the food court.

There is another store on the same floor for foreign currency exchange, and since you can check the exchange rates at both stores, they are worth using if you want to prepare in advance before your departure or exchange money into Japanese yen as soon as possible after your return.


FaSoLaBooks is located in front of the airline check-in counter.

The latest magazines, novels, and books on sale at the time are all available, so if you are not sure what to do on the plane, you can purchase one or two books to take with you on the flight.

Convenience store

Terminal 3 houses LAWSON, where you can purchase items you would normally get at a convenience store.

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