【Hotel】For Narita airpot, Funabashi grand hotel is good capsule hotel to stay

I was looking for a hotel to catch an early morning flight at Narita Airport, But There was no hotel around Narira so I decided to stay at Funabashi.

Here is the entrance. They are located 1 minute walk from JR Funabashi and Keisei – Funabashi Station.


They are sauna but they are a capsule hotel too. I made a reservation online.

There is no outlet, so I can not turn on the power.

They lend a power bank at the front desk.


There is an outlet in the locker and in the stairs so you can charge there as well.

If you use a PC, it is good to go to Doutor coffee shop in front of the station. there are seats with outlet.
Locker room is like this.


This is a locker key.


I will not enter my suitcase M size, so I will keep it at the front desk or you can put it in the capsule.
Inside is like this. It is bit old.

In the washroom There is a hair dryer and a nail clipper etc.IMG_1895_R


The second floor has a bath and locker, the third floor has a rest room.



The recreation room was always full.very smoky.

There are trouser presses.


Here is recommended because it is convenient and cheap to go to the Narita airport.
Many people are smoking cigarettes, so many people are coughing.

If you do not mind them, the price is also cheap and a nice place.

Reservations can be made on the net.



 4 Chome-5-27 Honcho, Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture 273-0005, Japan




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