How to get to Chiba Port Tower

About Chiba Port Tower

The Chiba Port Tower is an observation tower built to commemorate the population of Chiba Prefecture surpassing 5 million, and is located in the harbor park of Chiba City, the capital of the prefecture. Facing Chiba Port, the tower is 125 meters high and can be divided into four internal levels with different layouts and functions.

The Chiba Port Tower has a special observation deck at 113 meters high, from which visitors can observe the bustling downtown of Chiba City to the east, the new Makuhari City and Chiba Marine Stadium to the north, and even the beautiful view of Mount Fuji on a clear day. After visiting the beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy a refreshing herbal tea or a delicious meal at the tea room located at 109 meters from the Minato Tower, where you can look out through the windows and enjoy a cup of tea. The first floor of Minato Tower has many small stores where visitors can bring souvenirs of Chiba Prefecture for their family and friends.

Every year, during Christmas, a 100-meter-tall Christmas tree is “planted” at the Chiba Minato Tower, with 3,000 colorful lights hanging on it, making it very beautiful and full of festive atmosphere.

How to get there

(1)On foot from Chiba Minato Station
(2)Take the Chuo Kominato Bus from JR Chiba Station (bound for Chiba Port Tower)
Walk from the last stop


This beautiful half-mirror tower is located in Chiba Port Park. It was built in 1986 to commemorate the five millionth resident of Chiba Prefecture.
The view from the observatory is unobstructed for 360 degrees, and on a clear day you can see the whole Kanto area. The observatory is within walking distance of Chiba Minato Station, but parking is free, and the observatory fee is only 420 yen for adults (free for Chiba residents over 60 years old), making it a wallet-friendly facility.


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