Limited Express Super Hakuto Fares and Stops! Get your Panorama View seat early!

What is Limited Express Super Hakuto?

Super Hakuto is a special express train operated by Chizu Kyuko and West Japan Railway Company between Kyoto Station and Tottori and Kurayoshi Stations via Tokaido Main Line, Sanyo Main Line, Chizu Kyuko Chizu Line, Inbi Line and Sanin Main Line.

Super Hakuto is the train you are almost certain to take when traveling to Tottori from Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe!

Super Hakuto Stops

Super Hakuto stops at Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Sannomiya, Akashi, Himeji, Kamigori Kamigoori, Sayo Sayo, Ohara, Chigusa, Koriya Kooge, Tottori and Kurayoshi.

Osaka-Tottori takes about 3 hours, and if you ride the whole way from Kyoto to Kurayoshi, it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes, quite a long train run!

Incidentally, between Kamigori and Chigou, the train runs on another railroad company’s line, the Chigou Kyuko Line!

It’s a slightly different route: JR line -> Chigashira Express line -> JR line!

Super Hakuto Fees

Super Hakuto has three types of seats: unreserved seats, reserved seats, and green car seats.

Each seat has a different fare, so here is a summary of the fare for each seat.

Shin-Osaka, Osaka – Chigashira
Non-reserved seat 5920yen, Reserved seat 6750yen, Green car 9350yen

Shin-Osaka/Osaka – Tottori
Non-reserved seat: 6590 yen, Reserved seat: 7420 yen, Green car: 10020 yen

Shin-Osaka, Osaka – Kurayoshi
Non-reserved seat 7360yen, Reserved seat 8190yen, Green car 10790yen

Sannomiya – Chizu
Non-reserved seat: 4640 yen, Reserved seat: 5470 yen, Green car: 6570 yen

Sannomiya – Tottori
Non-reserved seat 5920yen, Reserved seat 6750yen, Green car 9350yen

Sannomiya – Kurayoshi
Non-reserved seat: 7030 yen, Reserved seat: 7860 yen, Green car: 10460 yen

Don’t miss the panoramic view at the front!

Super Hakuto does allow you to enjoy the view from the front of the train!
If you are in the third row or so, you can fully enjoy the view.

And since the train tilts to the right and left, it’s like a roller coaster ride!

Especially when the train is running through mountainous areas, it is very powerful!

You can see the train toward Kyoto from reserved seat car No. 5, and toward Tottori from unreserved seat car No. 1.
Be careful especially for the Tottori direction, as the seats are unreserved seats and will fill up quickly!

It is better to get there early and wait on the platform!

How to buy limited express tickets at a discount

There are three ways to buy a Super Hakuto limited express ticket

Midori-no madoguchi
Reserved seat ticket vending machine
e5489 (JR West’s train reservation service)

Midori-no-Madoguchi and ticket vending machines need no explanation.
If you go to the Midori-no-Madoguchi (Midori no Madoguchi) at major stations such as Osaka Station and Kyoto Station, the staff will make arrangements for you.

The reserved seat ticket machine is the “Midori-no-Madoguchi” as shown in the photo above.
You can buy Super Hakuto limited express tickets and boarding tickets from here.

e5489 is JR West’s online reservation service!
It is what JR East calls “Ekinetto”!

You need to register as a member and register your credit card, but you can make reservations and purchase Super Hakuto tickets with your smartphone.

And, you can also take advantage of an early-bird discount service called “Web Early-Bird Special”, which is very economical!

There is “Web Early Special 7” which offers 1 discount if you make a reservation up to 7 days prior to boarding, and “Web Early Special 14” which offers 2 discounts if you make a reservation up to 14 days prior to boarding!

Seats are reserved seats!

For example, the fare from Osaka to Tottori is 6490 yen for WEB Early Special 7 and 5770 yen for WEB Early Special 14!

For a limited time, there is also the “Web Early Special 21” which offers a three-day discount if you make a reservation at least 21 days prior to boarding!

Transit discount if you are going to Tottori from Tokyo or Nagoya

Some of you may be thinking of taking a train trip to Tottori by connecting the Shinkansen and Super Hakuto, so we would like to introduce a transit discount system.

If you purchase a Shinkansen ticket, you can get a Super Hakuto express ticket at half the usual price!

For example, let’s say you are going from Tokyo to Tottori.

For example, let’s say you want to go from Tokyo to Tottori.
Shin-Osaka to Tottori by Super Hakuto

The route would be as follows.
If the transfer discount is applied, the fare will be as follows.

Tokyo – Tottori: 11660 yen
Tokyo – Shin-Osaka Shinkansen limited express ticket: 5690 yen
Shin-Osaka – Tottori Super Hakuto limited express ticket: 1990 yen
Total: 19340 yen
Calculations are based on reserved-seat fare.

At the time of purchase, you will automatically see the discounted amount, so don’t worry, you don’t have to apply for it or anything like that!

Why not take the Super Hakuto for a trip to Tottori!

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