How to pick up your tickets at Lawson Loppi

In-store pickup: How to pick up tickets at Loppi at LAWSON and MINISTOP stores.

Step1 Find a Lawson near you

Tickets can be issued at any Lawson or Ministop convenience store Loppi (Loppi).

Type “Lawson” into the map on your smartphone to find a Lawson near you.
There are many Lawson in Tokyo.

When you enter the store, you will see the following machine.
This is the Loppi.

Step2 Touch “Lawson Ticket Procedures.”「ローソンチケット各種手続き」

Please touch “LAWSON Ticket Various Procedures(「ローソンチケット各種手続き」)” on the “Loppi” screen at LAWSON and MINISTOP stores.

(images are from Lawson website)

Step3 Touch “Pick up/pay for reserved tickets「予約済みチケットのお引取り/お支払い」”

Touch the “Pick up/pay for reserved tickets「予約済みチケットのお引取り/お支払い」” button.

Step4 Enter your reservation number and phone number

Enter the 10-digit reservation number in the “Reservation Number” field on the first line of the screen and the telephone number entered at the time of reservation in the “Telephone Number” field on the second line.
If the phone number entered at the time of reservation is incorrect, you will not be able to pick up your ticket.

Step5 Step 5 Touch “I agree.「同意する」” (This screen may not appear.)

Please touch the “I agree「同意する」” button when the personal information handling agreement

Step6 Select whether to use Ponta card for customer information call. (This screen may not appear.)

This section has nothing to do with you, so press X to skip it.

Step7 Enter your name and phone number (This screen may not appear.)

Follow the on-screen prompts to enter your name and phone number. Please enter a space between the first and last name.

You can enter your name in English by pressing the “Enter in English(英字入力)” button. 氏名(name) 電話番号(Phone number)

Step8 Confirm and apply for tickets already reserved.

Please make sure that the details of the reserved ticket displayed on the screen are correct, and then touch the “Apply「申し込む」” button.

Step9 Pick up tickets at the counter

Please pick up your ticket at the cashier within 30 minutes of receiving the ticket from the Loppi.

Give the clerk the receipt from LOPPI.
They will issue the ticket and give it to you.

Note:The ticket will become invalid 30 minutes after it is issued.
Please bring your passport with you just in case.

There may be a ticketing fee of 110 yen. Please bring your passport just in case.

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