How to get to koyasan Cable Car

About koyasan Cable Car

The Koyasan Cable Car is located in Koyasan-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture.
It ascends from Gokurakubashi Station to Koyasan Station, an extension of 900 m and a difference in elevation of 327 m, in about 5 minutes.
The cable car began operating in June 1930 when Koyasan Station was opened.
At its steepest point, the gradient is 568/1000, with an average gradient of 23 degrees.
The first cable car, second cable car, and third cable car began operating in 1930, 1953, and 1964, respectively.
The fourth generation cable car is scheduled to begin operation in 2019, and the third generation cable car will be in operation until November 25, 2008.
Nankai Namba Station, Tenka-chaya Station, and Koyasan Station are holding the Koyasan Cable Car Historical Exhibition – 88 Years of History since the Opening of the Cable Car – until November 25, 2018.

How to get there

The cable car can be taken from Hashimoto Station at the foot of Koyasan to a station called Gokurakubashi on the Nankai Koya Line.

When you change trains at Gokurakubashi station, there is a sign to the cable car platform right in front of you.

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I visited Koyasan the other day and did not know there was a cable car. Since Koyasan has a touristy atmosphere, it might be fun to ride it!


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