Eating Japanese convenience store pasta

Family mart Mentaiko Spaghetti 462yen

This pasta is like a standard cod roe butter pasta, easy to eat without any habit or spiciness.

It is not spicy because it is not spicy cod roe.

The package looks like this

The overall flavor of the mixture is light.

The first reason for the popularity of Familymart’s pasta is the wide variety.

In addition to the abundance of genres such as the standard tomato sauce pasta, cream sauce pasta, and garlic pasta, you can also enjoy a variety of flavors and textures, such as flat, chunky “fresh pasta.

You will never get bored of the wide variety of cold pasta, pasta salad, and frozen pasta that you can always have on hand.

MINISTOP Old-fashioned Neapolitan 370yen

The “Old-Fashioned Neapolitan” is a Neapolitan seasoned with ketchup and other seasonings and topped with sausage.

The thick pasta is fried with margarine and ketchup, and the balance of sour and sweet flavors gives the Neapolitan a very nostalgic impression.

The large sausage topping is chewy and juicy, and goes perfectly with the crunchy, sweet vegetables.

Price is reasonable.

Prices are becoming more similar overall, so it would be interesting to compare the rest with your favorite convenience store or eating place!

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