【Eating】Fried chicken soba/Yayoi-ken

Yayoiken is a famous food stand for Fried chicken soba.
They are located inside of JR Abiko station.

Where’s the location?

There are three shops on the platforms of Abiko Station. The oldest shop was established in 1928 (Showa 3), so it has a very long history, but the author went to the No. 6 shop on platforms 1 and 2. It was just opened in July this year.

They are stand-up eating soba noodle restaurant.

Originally They are Ekiben shop in Abiko Station.

You buy a meal ticket from a vending machine.You can also ask them if you need more green onion.

Eat bought a meal ticket from a vending machine. You can also Usuajiya green onion generous specified.

Inside of the stand-up eating soba noodle restaurant is very narrow. Only 4 people are allowed to eat.

This is the Fried chicken soba 420yen. You can order Fried chicken udon too.

The surface is very crisp. It is really juicy and delicious.

The karaage is as big as the rumours say, and almost overhangs the bowl. When you lift it up with chopsticks, it is heavy. The batter, which is made mainly from flour, is so crunchy that when you bite into it you hear a “crunch! sound when you bite into it. The meat is lightly seasoned. However, when dipped in the thicker sauce, it is delicious! The batter becomes moist and the meat soaks up the bonito broth. It makes a nice Japanese-style karaage and goes well with soba noodles. Two jumbo-sized pieces are served, but I was able to finish them off in no time.

The karaage is so popular that it can be ordered separately, and many customers take it home with them. According to the owner, “Some customers order just the fried chicken and pour soba sauce over it. The fried chicken is such a great match with the sauce, it is understandable why they would want to do so.



JR Abiko platform 2-4-3Honmachi Abiko Chiba

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