One coin Pizza Parmenara

What’s Pizza Parmenara

Parmenara, the food court version of Italian restaurant Pizzeria Marino

This restaurant is a member of the MARINO chain, which operates in the Tokai region.
The restaurant has an established reputation for its cheese.

It is convenient for eating in the food court of AEON.

At 500 yen, the one-coin priced pizza is an easy size to eat.
The thin dough makes it an easy size for one person to eat.

Pizza Margherita

It was freshly baked, but it did not have the crispy aroma of a direct oven baked pizza.
It was freshly baked, but the overall texture was fluffy and glutinous, not crispy and savory.

Bacon and Spinach Pizza

It is topped with bacon and spinach.
The plate is also heated so it does not get cold easily.
It stays warm while you are eating it.
The taste is delicious with garlic.
If you like garlic, you must try it.
The pasta itself was delicious.

The serving table had tabasco, chili, garlic oil, black pepper, and rock salt.
Children’s plates were also available.

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