【Taipei】Cafe & meal MUJI

Where are they Located?

I went to Muji cafe & meal MUJI at the Hankyu department store in the basement of the Taipei City hall Station.


For Waiting , use touch panel machine to take a number, They let me know on the screen.  it is possible to inform you by mobile short e-mail so you can wait while shopping ♪


Side dishes are three or four ,and rice, miso soup with a base set. Dessert and drink are additional charge.

For foreigners it is a little difficult to understand the complexity. Please correspond with or pointing a finger.

Inside is surprisingly wide more than I thought.

muji3 muji4

You can ten grain rice rice a little bit in price plus. Their clerk ask you white rice or ten grain rice.

muji2 muji1

Quite delicious, it is healthy.


Café & Meal Muji Hankyu Taipei

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