【Taipei】Ramen Setagaya

Where are they Located?

In these years, there are many Japanese ramen restaurants open in Taipei.

Japanese well known ramen restaurants called ” Setagaya” is open in Taipei.


They are located 10 minutes walk from the Taipei MRT  Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 3.

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you can use Free WIFI  in the store. It has become a fashionable store( not like Japan one).

In Taiwan, There are many Japanese ramen restaurant where use pork based soup, but here they use fish based soy sauce based soup.

fish based soy sauce based soup makes me feeling throat good in the surprisingly mild.

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There is also a pork based soup ramen, but the taste is different from Japan one.
Barbecued pork is delicious.

Meet Local Japanese Freinds

Meet Japanese Freinds



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