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About Kaotan Ramen

The store is located in an inconvenient location with no nearby station, but since it was during the bubble era, it was common to take a cab to get there. The Minami Aoyama branch is known more as an “Enton-ya” restaurant than “Kaotan Ramen” because of the many chimneys on top of the restaurant.

Kaotan Ramen has a long history and has been remodeled once, but the store looks like a barracks. The shop looks like a barracks, but it has the atmosphere of an “old-fashioned ramen shop! The store’s appearance looks like a barracks, but it has the atmosphere of an “old-fashioned ramen shop!

Soy sauce ramen

The simple Chinese-style soup is refreshing and delicious. Might go well after drinking alcohol. I also recommend the burnt scallion oil in the soy sauce broth.

It has a piece of chashu pork and thin noodles. It is an orthodox soy sauce ramen. It is nice that there are more menma (pickled bamboo shoots) in it! And a little different from other soy sauce ramen is the inclusion of string beans. This also serves as an accent, and it also improves the color balance of the whole dish.

I think the fried onion floating in this soup is the secret of its deliciousness!

The soy sauce-based soup is addictive, with the texture and punchy leek oil adding richness and depth.

This is a traditional ramen shop with many regulars. The appearance of the restaurant may be barracks style, but the taste is unmistakable! If you like ramen or have been curious about it for a while, you must try it at least once!

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