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Since its launch on August 9, 1976, Nissin-no-Donbei has been the dominant brand in the Japanese-style bowl-type udon and soba category of the instant cup noodle market. The brand currently meets a wide range of customer needs with a variety of products, centered on a variety of instant cup-type noodles, as well as chilled products, frozen foods, and the Eat in a Bowl series.

Kitsune Udon

The noodles are firm and chewy enough.

The fried tofu is soaked in broth and delicious.

The normal udon noodles are the best.

The sauce also has a good umami taste from the bonito and kelp, so there are no complaints.

Normally, you should wait 5 minutes after adding hot water, but I heard that if you wait 10 minutes, the texture will change and it will be delicious.

Tempura noodle

The kakiage is packaged so that it can be added afterwards and eaten crispy.

The noodles are straight, so they are easier to slurp than the green Tanuki noodles.

The sauce has a delicious bonito flavor.

Normally, it is 5 minutes after adding hot water, but if you wait 10 minutes, the texture changes and it tastes better.

This is also recommended by Nissin Foods.

Kakiage Tempura Udon

The sauce has the aroma of bonito and umami, and the “oni kakiage” is a very satisfying dish.
The udon noodles are characterized by the “oni kakiage” (deep fried tofu with onions).
The thick kakiage with plenty of onions is very hearty,
The thick kakiage with plenty of onions is hearty and truly a “devilishly delicious” dish.

Soba noodles with duck broth

This product is the second in the “Strongest Donbei” series, and features thicker and more resilient “Thick Soba,” “Kamo Dashi Soup,” which is based on dark soy sauce with the flavor of duck added and enriched with the richness and depth of “Tamari Soy Sauce,” “Savory Tsukune” with a flavor that is larger than usual, as if it were grilled over charcoal, and “Special Duck Oil” that has the sweetness of duck added.

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