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What’s about Popolamama

Popolamama is an Italian family restaurant chain specializing in fresh-boiled pasta. Headquartered in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, the company operates stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Hanshin area, southern Hokkaido, Shinetsu, and Kyushu. The company currently has 118 restaurants in Japan and 3 overseas, for a total of 121 restaurants. The company was founded in 1994, and Popolare Co., Ltd. was established the following year.

The company name “Popolamama” is derived from a combination of two Italian words: “popolare,” meaning the general public, and “mama,” symbolizing a family. In addition to its main business of freshly-boiled pasta, the company also operates a Japanese-style pasta store, which offers a Japanese version of Popolamama, and a bar specializing in the enjoyment of alcohol. In addition, we are also developing upscale restaurants where customers can enjoy authentic chef’s recipe fresh pasta dishes and sweets in a stylish space.


In addition to pasta, pizza and lunch menus are available.

Here’s self-service drink area.

I ordered spaghetti Bolognese.
The pasta are thin and slightly yellowish.
It is hard to believe that it is spaghetti.

It’s like Ramen. It taste bad. I’d rather not to order pasta next time.

Japanese Mushroom and Mushroom Sauce Pizza with Thin Crispy Dough

The pizza dough is thin.
It was delicious with the flavor of mushrooms.
But it didn’t fill me up.

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