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About Yamada udon

Yamada Udon” is Soul Food for Saitama Residents
It is a familiar restaurant not only to residents of Saitama Prefecture, but also to those living in the suburban areas of the Kanto region.
The austere color of the exterior and the scarecrow logo may stimulate nostalgia in some people.

On the other hand, there are those who have an image of Yamada Udon as being left behind by the times, such as “Showa-ish” or “plain.
However, many people are unaware that Yamada Udon’s Showa-ish and plain image is a deliberate strategy to keep up with the Sanuki Udon boom and other trends.

Oyakodon Set

It may be a Kansai-style dish as leeks are used instead of onions.
It is not too sweet.

Chinese-style fried rice

The ingredients are very simple: egg, green onion, and crabmeat in a super-simple, parapara fried rice

Tanuki Udon

It’s just tanuki Udon.
The amount of soup is very small these days.

Bowl of rice topped with fried tofu

The main ingredients are onions, carrots, and squid. It is well matched with rice with high water content.

The sweet sauce is thick but good with rice.

Please try the soul food of the people of Saitama

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