How to get to Hirosaki Apple Park

About Hirosaki Apple Park

Hirosaki City is known as the “apple kingdom” because it ranks first in Japan in terms of apple production. Not only are Hirosaki’s apples colorful and sweet and sold overseas, but in recent years the apple-themed tourism industry has continued to grow, attracting a large number of tourists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and other countries.

Hirosaki Apple Park is one of the most representative and famous of the Hirosaki apple tourism industry. The orchard is planted with a total of 1,200 apple trees of about 60 species and has not only a charming view, but also facilities such as an experience area, information exhibition hall, and apple kiosk, allowing visitors to learn about apples and experience apple picking while sightseeing.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Hirosaki Apple Park because the orchard is beautiful in spring, when the apple blossoms are in full bloom and you can see the Tsugaru Plain from the observation deck in the park, the fresh green fields and the blossoming apple blossoms are like a beautiful watercolor painting. Large and red apples seem to bend the branches, and the “apple picking project” organized by the orchard allows you to experience the charm of the apple kingdom and enjoy the fun of picking.

How to get there

20 minutes by bus from Hirosaki Station


I was sightseeing in the Hirosaki area and saw many apple groves,
I went there, although it was not on my schedule.
I went there after 9:00 a.m., so perhaps the park had not been cleaned and cared for yet.
There were many fallen apples…
I thought that the apples on the grounds might be bad, but the ones lying on the pathways…
I didn’t touch them because even one would be a piece of luggage.
They have four kinds of apple pies, a specialty of the city, but I was planning to eat them at another restaurant, so I gave up.
I wish I could have compared apples and apple juices.
It would have been nice if we could have compared apples and apple juices.


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