How to get to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

About Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is located in Nakajima-cho, the center of Hiroshima City, at the confluence of the Motoyasu River and the Honkawa River, and was established to commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the only structure left in the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing Zone 0 on August 6, 1945. Through the efforts of many people, including the citizens of Hiroshima, this site has been preserved intact and has remained as it was after the atomic bombing.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is not only a symbol of the most destructive power created in human history, but also embodies the desire of people around the world to pursue peace and the eventual total destruction of. The first thing I saw when I entered the park was a derelict building in the park.

The pile of ruins, illuminated by the bright blue sky, looks even more ancient and desolate, which is the building that survived the atomic bomb and is now left for future generations to see. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park graphically depicts the horror caused by the first use of – in human history, and it expresses the common desire of all mankind for peace.

How to get there

From Hiroshima Station by streetcar


Located in the center of Hiroshima City, the park was much larger than I had expected. Surrounded by greenery, the park has a peace light in the center of the park that will burn until nuclear weapons are abolished, as well as many cenotaphs and monuments, and we strolled through the park with our wishes for peace.


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