How to get to Nagasaki Park

About Nagasaki Park

Nagasaki Park was the first park in Japan to be decorated with fountains. The park is surrounded by Suwa Shrine and the trees planted in the park are 700-800 years old and very tall. There are hiking trails in the park.

How to get there

From JR Nagasaki Station, take tram No. 3 to Hotaruchaya, get off at Suwa Jinja-mae stop and walk 5 minutes.

Nagasaki Park, 18 Kaminishiyamamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan


Nagasaki Heiwa Park is a memorial park built on a hill north of the center of the atomic bombing to pray for world peace. There are various facilities in the park, including the Peace Prayer Statue and the Peace Fountain. Every year on August 9, the anniversary of the A-bombing, a peace memorial ceremony is held at the ceremony square in front of the prayer statue.

The Peace Prayer Statue, made of bronze, is 9.7 meters high and weighs 30 tons, symbolizing the desire of Nagasaki citizens to pray for peace. The right hand of the cyan statue points up to the sky to represent the threat of the atomic bombing, the horizontally extended left hand represents peace, and the gently closed eyelids are to pray for those who died in the atomic bombing, indicating that the world can enjoy peace without the threat of the atomic bombing. It is said that many of the martyrs whose bodies were burned inside due to the nuclear explosion died by moaning, “Please give me water, give me water.

The fountain was built to pray for the abolition of nuclear weapons and permanent peace in the world, and the fountain symbolizes the wings of a peace dove and crane. The Tower of a Thousand Paper Cranes, completed on October 6, 1982, has two towers standing on either side of the Peace Prayer Statue. Many people who visit the park fold their prayers for peace into paper cranes and dedicate them to the towers. Thousands of paper cranes express people’s sincere prayers for world peace.

A small park is not too big, but the spectacular thing is the big trees in the park. The water fountain (that’s Chinese for fountain) is also said to be a protected heritage.

It’s just an average park, but I must say, Japan is really clean!


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