How to get to Miyazaki Takachiho Canyon

About Miyazaki Takachiho Canyon

The cliffs of the columnar joints, which also extend to a height of 80 meters ~ the lava, abyss and spouting stone clear water scouring to obtain a hundred meters is the fresh green of early summer with the hidden mysteries of all ages, the majestic landscape shining with the fallen leaves of autumn.

From the boat and the cliffs of Manoi Falls required columnar joints caress the mysterious appearance.

How to get there

If you have a driver’s license, renting a car is the best way to get from Miyazaki Airport to Takachiho-cho!

There are not many bus or train routes, so sightseeing in Miyazaki is smoother with a car.

To get to Takachiho, you must take a car or a bus.
The Miyazaki Airport Line runs from Miyazaki Airport to Miyazaki Station, and the Nippo Main Line runs from Miyazaki Station to Nobeoka Station.
However, there is no train service from Nobeoka Station to Takachiho, so that section must be reached by car or bus.


Takachiho Gorge Boat

30 minutes per boat / 2000 yen (including consumption tax)


Before going, I read other people’s travel notes about how quiet and secluded, but when I arrived, there were many tourists, and I was planning to canyon rafting, but it turned out to be full (it happened to be a long holiday in Japan), and the service staff balabala said a lot, meaning that today is not available, you can book to come back tomorrow to play, but we prepared the itinerary, there is only one day here, so if I come back next time, I am going to stay here in the forest B&B.

The next time I come back, I’m going to stay here in the forest lodging for one night and go rafting the next day. There are a lot of Japanese tourists here, there are also a lot of national people, and the sticks are also called strange, anyway, 3 words – people are super, this is the situation all the way in the viewing path.

High Chiho because it is a canyon, so there is a great distance up and down, along the river observation road is considered easy to walk a road but the state of the queue of people super move, the return trip if you do not want to go back, you can always return along the mountain road up the mountain (the end is high Chiho Shrine), but tourists with bad knees, do not go, because it is really very, very laborious.

Because there is no one in front of and behind, my classmates thought I took the wrong way, almost freaked out when they got to the halfway point, but fortunately the scenery along the road is good, and eventually reached the place where I know, it seems that my sense of direction is still good!


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