How to get to Cape Hyuga

About Cape Hyuga

The observation deck on the road by the horseback at Hyuga Point has a view of the oddly shaped Cross Sea, and there is a bell stand on the observation deck, which is a place for prayers.

How to get there

By car, a 25-minute walk after the Hyuga bus arrives at Hyuga-saki Station

Hyuga-saki, Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture


A viewpoint on the cliffs of Hyuga Point on the Pacific Ocean, a viewpoint by the road, if you do not look at the tour map signs will miss this spectacle, overlooking the cliffs below the rocks and reefs form a cross-shaped sea, good people on the viewpoint set a “wish clock”, where you can pray for the wishes of the heart, pray for the clock! The signage shows that there are “Lovers’ Mound” and “Love Dome” around the area, which has become a romantic tourist spot for a group of lovers and is also very creative in development.


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