How to get to Rurikouji Temple Five-story Pagoda

About Rurikouji Temple Five-story Pagoda

In the early days of Mr. Ouchi’s prosperity, the 25-year-old Yoshihiro Ouchi built Kagaji Temple in what is now Kaisan Park, which housed Zen Master Ishira. Yoshihiro died fighting in Yoshimitsu 6 (1399) Yoshimitsu Ashikaga and Izumo. 26 Brother-Hikami was preparing a five-story pagoda at Kagaji Temple to mourn his brother’s bodhisattva, fought and killed the battle with a small force from Kyushu. After that, this five-story pagoda fainted around Yoshiyoshi 2 (1442).

After a period of battle in Sekigahara, Mori Terumoto entered H. Kagetsuji is a temple in the city of H. We relocated Rurikoji from Nitoro on the site. this is what it looks like today.

Old to 10 out of existence five-story pagoda in the country, beauty counted as one of the three man pagodas in Japan, it is described as the most outstanding building in the middle of Muromachi. By the way, the other 2 groups of pagodas of three people in Japan are the five-story pagoda of Daigoji Temple in Horyuji Temple and Kyoto, Nara Prefecture. In addition, these hinoki-buki roofed buildings, in addition to Rurikoji, contain Muroshoji Temple and Hoya Temple, and Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture in Nara Prefecture.

This is national treasure, five-story pagoda elegantly conveys the culture of Ouchi with the back of cherry blossoms and behind Kaede as a symbol of sightseeing mountain pass. In addition, it is illuminated from night until 22:00 at night, and night is one of the highlights.

How to get there

If you are coming to Yamaguchi by Shinkansen or other means, transfer to the JR Yamaguchi Line at Shin-Yamaguchi Station. The approximately 25-minute ride will take you to Yamaguchi Station. From Yamaguchi Station, board the yellow community bus (Ouchi Route) at bus stop No. 4. Get off the bus at “Kozan Koen Gojunoto-mae” and the pagoda is right in front of you!


The five-story tower is tip-up roof 31.2 meters slope, each layer eaves wide overhang, and cypress bark repair Sorin tower’s have been loosened. The upper part of the tower narrows the space and makes the torso of the tower thinner, making you feel refreshed. The length of the high initial loading on the other hand is strongly felt because Mawarien-railings stabilize the thicker pillars of both eyes.

From the Kamakura period, in the architectural style, however, although three people will appear in the sumi-like, Chinese style (zenshūyō) – Indian elephant (Daibutsu), mainly and like the part of the Zen-like, decorated Muromachi architecture it becomes less and less.


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