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About Nichinan Coast

The Nichinan Coast is a coastal area in the southeastern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. It stretches from the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture to the coastline of the Hepatogawa River estuary on the west coast of Shibushi Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, and has been designated as a national park since 1955.

The coast of Nichinan has many famous spots including Aoshima, Horikiri-toge, Ugato Jingu, Doi Point, Loquat Island, and Yokose Coast, and various subtropical plants are planted on both sides of the coastal road, and there is greenery 12 months of the year.

How to get there

About 20 km along National Highway 220 in the center of Miyazaki City

381-1 Miike, Umi-aza, Oaza, Miyazaki City


The Nichinan Coast is a coastline facing the Pacific Ocean to the east of Miyazaki, and within the scope of the Nichinan Coast National Park, the scenery is beautiful, with a variety of rocks and reefs, a variety of plants and a tropical look, and many attractions along the way. Driving along the coastal road of the Nichinan Coast, you can feel the sea on one side of the mountains and the sea on the other side, and you can’t miss the coastal rock bed called “Devil’s File”.

You can buy a one-day bus ticket for foreigners from Miyazaki Airport, and you can walk along the Nichinan Coast from Miyazaki City, getting off at Easter Statue, Aoshima, Udo Shrine, etc. You can see the sea almost all the way down, and there is a large palm lake that represents the south of the country, and looking at the bright blue sea is an indescribable pleasure.

Easter Island Stone Statue, where there are seven giant stone statues that the Japanese government helped rescue during the great Chilean earthquake, and then as a thank you to the Japanese people, the Chilean government had Japan replicate them. The entrance fee is 700 yen.

The Miyazaki prefectural bus drove all the way along the coastline with a panoramic view of the coast, and the weather was very good.

The Nichinan Coast is full of subtropical coast, with tropical flowers and plants planted all over the mountain range, and you can enjoy different scenery as the vegetation changes each season, and the sea view reflects the mountain road, so you can enjoy the famous spots along the way.


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