How to get to Maiko Park

About Maiko Park

Maiko Park is a waterfront park and there is a Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in the park.

How to get to there

Get off at Maiko Station on the JR Sanyo Main Line and walk south for about 5 minutes, or get off at Maiko Park Station on the Sanyo Electric Railway and walk south for about 5 minutes.

2051 Higashi Maiko-cho, Taramizu-ku, Kobe City


There is a small park built along the beach, with a pine forest, and the park is very clean. There are only a few people who come here, and it is also a very clear and quiet park.

It is recommended to visit. Maiko Park is located on the seashore, close to JR Maiko Station, and has a view of Akashi Sea Bridge and the Eigaku Pavilion. The park is free of charge and the scenery is excellent. The Sea Bridge Trail can be visited inside and a ticket is required. Admission is 300 yen for adults, and there is a discount for seniors over 65 years old, so you don’t need to show your ID, just tell them to buy a senior citizen ticket. You can see Akashi Ohashi Bridge from a close distance by taking the Sea Walk, and the viewing booth has a camera for switching, so you can see the bridge from multiple angles. Maiko Park is the most impressive place in a day trip to Kobe.

Leaving Himeji Castle, we took a bus to Maiko Park and visited the Akashi Strait Bridge. According to online information, the Akashi Strait Bridge was officially opened to traffic on April 5, 1998 and is currently the longest double cable suspension bridge in the world. The bridge is located between Kobe City and Awaji Island in Japan, with a total length of 3,911 meters and a main pier span of 1,991 meters. The two main piers are 297 meters above sea level, with a foundation diameter of 80 meters and a height of 60 meters in the water. Each of the two main steel cables is about 4,000 meters, with a diameter of 1.12 meters, and consists of 290 thin steel cables, weighing about 50,000 tons. Construction of the bridge began in May 1988 and was completed in March 1998.

By private rail, I happened to pass by and saw the Akashi Bridge, and I wanted to go down to see it, but I was short of time, so I watched from the train.

No entrance fee, you can see the sea picnic fishing running good place!

Mainly in the Akashi Strait Bridge here to visit, the sky is beautiful blue sky and white clouds, let people completely forget that there will be sunburn hidden worries, later there is an opportunity to participate in the next bridge ascent course

Leisure, entertainment and shopping in one. It is a good place for leisurely people to spend time with the Seto Inland Sea, and it is quite convenient to get there.

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