How to get to Moye Mountain and Star Terrace

About Moye Mountain and Star Terrace

Mt. Moye is located near Kobe and there is a cable car to the top of the mountain. The night view of Kobe from here is one of the “Three Great Night Views of Japan”. You can look up at the starry sky and pick it with your hands, hence the name.

How to get there

Take Municipal Bus No. 18 from Kobe City Sannomiya Station or JR Shin-Kobe Station and get off at Moyasudo Shimo Station, then take the Moyasudo Ropeway to Rainbow Station and get off at Hoshi-no-Eki on the Moyasudo Ropeway. Since No. 18 only goes in one direction from Moyasudo Shimo Station, you will need to take No. 18 to Hankyu Rokko or JR Rokko Station on your return trip. Of course, you can also take the 102 line from IR Rokko Road or Hankyu Prince Park.

2-2, Moyama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe City


Take the Rokko Moyer Sky Shuttle Bus to the M10 Moyer Cable Car Hill Station. There is a restaurant above the Moyer cable car station where you can eat and wait for the sunset. When the weather is good, you can see the full view of the harbor.

The cable car is divided into two sections, but it goes up the mountain in the evening so that you can see the whole night view change.

I give five stars, the scenery is truly very beautiful, the mountain to see the night view is spectacular, go in the afternoon because there was rain before, it is best to go in the evening, the scenery is the sun, clouds, evening sun, a large stretch of night scenery. The people are very few, three, three, two, two. It is really refreshing.

One of the three new night scenes in Japan, it is said that the observation deck of Mount Moya is even better than Mount Rokko no shade, really beautiful, sitting in a coffee shop waiting for the sun to set! The waiting time is beautiful… The night view is also spectacular, because it’s fjord-shaped and you can see the Osaka piece! The viewing angle in the cafe is also good, but the viewing point is not as good as the two outdoor ones. I went in June, but the temperature on the mountain was still around 9°, very cold, so wear more! Pay attention to the time, not every day you can go to see the night view! Personally, I still like it very much, and I’ll go back to Hokkaido to compare the better one!

Japan’s famous million dollar night view is something you can’t miss when you go to Kobe. Although there are also observation decks on Mount Rokko with good views, the real million dollar night view refers to the night view of Mount Moya. There are two ways to reach it by public transportation, one is to take the Mt. Moya climbing cable car to reach it, and the other is to take the Rokko Moya bus directly to Kagoshindai after touring Mt.

It is one of the top three night scenes in Japan, but you should pay attention to the opening hours.

The more beautiful it is at night, the more beautiful it is.
The twinkle path is also great. It was a great experience to encounter a thunderstorm and not be able to go down the mountain, but the staff was very calm and had measures to deal with it.

One of the more fun things on Mt. Moye is the Moye Cable Car, a one-way ticket is less than 900 yen, so you can choose a one-way ticket and hike down the mountain. The cable car connects the top and the bottom of Mt. Moye, and you can go directly to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beautiful night view of Kobe. It is also easier to get to Mt. Rokko from here

The transportation is not very convenient, especially for viewing the night view, and there are not many liaison buses from the bottom of the mountain to the station.

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