I tried to eat at Tsurutontan/Japanese Udon restaurant

About Tsurutontan

Tsuruton Tan (tsu ru ton tan) is a slightly more sophisticated udon restaurant with stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and the United States.
The Ginza branch is a place where you can enjoy a meal and a drink with a touch of brewery style, and it has a high class space that doesn’t feel like an udon restaurant.
There is also live jazz and piano music in the evening.

You can choose from a variety of flavors, including Japanese style, curry udon, and cream sauce. The regular one-person order is only one ball of noodles, but the tsu ru ton tan can be increased to three for free!


Beef Udon Noodle

The stable Tsurutontontan. The Tokyu Plaza Ginza branch is especially oceanic.

Udon noodles | 1,501 yen – 2,000 yen


Tsurutontan” is a popular restaurant with firm udon noodles, with stores mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. The first Tsurutontan restaurant opened in Soemon, Osaka in 1989, after combining the udon production methods of Sanuki, Shikoku.

The exterior and interior are very stylish, and private rooms are available at some restaurants, making it a favorite of celebrities. The udon noodles are made with the utmost care and pride, and are very satisfying, and the more you chew, the stronger the aroma of the wheat can be felt!



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