Pokemon Japanese traditional New Year’s dish

Pokemon traditional New Year’s dish has been selling.

A gorgeous cute Pikachu sweet rice cake is also included in the special monster ball type (189 mm x 183 mm / 2 steps) lunch box. If you have a family that loves Pokemon, the tension will definitely rise at the new year’s day ♪

Pokemon New Year’s dish is a popular character New Year’s dish which is sold on a site called Omakase Kenko Sansai, which handles cooked frozen foods supervised by a dietitian.

They are sold in limited quantities every year, and reservations for 2020 have already started. Monster ball type boxes are very popular among children.

Even if it’s a character foods, This is a New Year’s meal that is supervised by a registered dietitian who focus on nutritional balance and reduced cooking time, so children can eat it with peace of mind.

(Photos from Nomura Foods Co.)

What are the content of Pokemon New Year’s dish?

Pokemon dish consists of 23 menus in a two-tier box. There are volumes for 2-3 people.

The box 1 is mainly for children’s menu such as Pikachu cake,hamburger demi sauce, fried egg.

The box 2 is traditional dishes such as Datemaki, Kazunoko, and black beans. This is for adults.

(Photos from Nomura Foods Co.)

Because Pikachus are hidden in some places, you can enjoy the dish while having fun with parents and children.

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The manufacturer is Nomura Foods Co., Ltd., which is famous for selling homemade dishes in Kyoto. Because the company is based on the concept of not using unnecessary additives such as synthetic preservatives and synthetic colorings, the taste and health are perfect.

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