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Torikizoku is a yakitori restaurant that has been improving its stores mainly in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. We are expanding our branches in Osaka, Tokyo, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya, Chiba, and all over the country, and we are proud of all of our branches! We are committed to providing the best taste and service, and we will continue our efforts to satisfy our customers with our low price of 319 yen (excluding tax) so that everyone in Osaka and Tokyo, as well as in the rest of Japan, will think of us as “Tori Aristocrat” when it comes to yakitori restaurants. We hope you will enjoy our yakitori restaurant, “Torikizoku”.




Torikizoku is a chain of izakaya restaurants that was founded in Osaka and has since become popular throughout Japan, with more than 600 stores. The key feature of this restaurant company is that it opens in major cities in Japan, making it easy for commuters and homebodies to choose from, with a flat price of 280 yen (adjusted slightly in 2017 due to a rise in labor costs) for kebabs, beer and other food.

The 280 yen translates to just over 17 yuan. If you dine in the business districts and shopping streets of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other mega-cities in China, the prices of food and drinks are much higher in restaurants of the same class as Torikizoku. This, in turn, demonstrates the price appeal of Torikizoku to Japanese consumers.

Torikizoku has maintained a flat price of 280 yen for many years, which must have put a lot of financial pressure on the company. In order to avoid food safety risks, the company chooses all food ingredients made in Japan; to ensure the taste, the chicken kebabs are all processed on site in the store kitchens (many food chains use ingredients cooked in advance and only thawed and heated in the stores, but that affects the taste of the food), which raises the operating costs. Of course, this practice is equivalent to the original large restaurant business profits to “squeeze” at least most of this has great appeal to consumers.

Of course, whether it is “Torikizoku” or other Japanese consumer goods companies, the reason why they have been able to continue to attract customers at low prices is that the Japanese economy has been in the doldrums for 20-30 years since the early 1990s, and has also been deflationary. Under such conditions, prices were able to remain fairly stable. During this period, jobs in Japan’s manufacturing industry and related supporting industries and services went overseas, and the aging of the population became more and more evident, and the employment stability index of Japan’s middle-aged and elderly residents declined. This is an important reason for the long-standing popularity of “Torikizoku” in Japan.



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