【Ramen】Ie-kei ramen Seiya

Where are they Located?

Hello! Today I got to the Ramen Seiya Kashiwa store for the first time.

They are near from JR Kashiwa station. Since I wanted to eat Yokohama Ike-kei ramen and I was looking for it near the station. I found one near Kashiwa station east exit, next to the east of Sugun on the DayOne tower. It is such an appearance.

The inside of the store has 4 people table and counter seat. There is a TV.

Here is thier menu.

Seiya set is ¥ 700 (Ramen & 3 dumplings & Rice)
This is a great set menu.
Ramen starts from \ 500. It is cheap.

You can choose the thickness of noodles. There are many people drinking beer.

The taste is delicious. After all Ie-kei ramen is the best. It seems to be bad for health but I like it.

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Seiya Kashiwa

1-6-5 kashiwa Kashiwa shi chiba
Open: 11:00am~2:30am(L.O)