Taiyaki is a Japanese-style waffle with red bean paste inside. The waffle has a shape of fish which both sides of it are molded with shapes of fish’s eyes, fins, and scales.

Here is a popular Taiyaki shop in JR Matsudo Station near West exit.
In particular, from autumn to winter, every day has a waiting line.

A mom and dad are baking in the shop. 

Baking divice is 6 × 4 columns specification. one taiyaki is 160 yen. Kikutani’s Taiyaki is very fluffy.

Sweetness of the bean paste also very good, It is not too sweet.

Since they are popular Taiyaki store, customers  buy a lot so if before people ordered 20 Taiyaki, you must wait until the next.

Number of baked up Taiyaki is 24 at each time, it takes around 10 minutes to be done.


1-13 honmachi matsudo city Chiba

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