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About CoCo Ichibanya

Coco Ichiyakiya is a chain of restaurants in major cities across the country.

CoCo Ichiyakiya has become an authentic Japanese curry restaurant with more than 1,300 restaurants around the world, bringing out the best of curry flavors, and they are very user-friendly with the freedom to choose the amount of curry, spiciness and side dishes. There are many dishes, and besides the curry, the meat is tender, and the egg skin melts in your mouth, so it’s a delicious combination with the curry! The store is neat and clean, stylish and fresh, providing a very good dining environment, plus the usual smile of the waiter

Cheese Mentshi Katsu Curry

Spinach Curry with Cutlet


Pork Curry] 547 yen. (Basic curry using pork) 547 yen.
Sweet Pork Curry – 547 yen. (Recommended for those who do not like spicy food and for children.)
Beef Curry – 674 yen. (Deep and rich curry with concentrated beef flavor is another standard curry. Sweet flavor is not available)


What makes CoCo Ichibanya so appealing is the wide variety of toppings and the freedom to combine them. Not only are the standard curries tasty, but you can also enjoy a wide variety of toppings.

For example, in the “meat curry” category, there are 21 types, including pork, beef, chicken, hamburger steak, sausage, pork shabu-shabu, beef samadai, pork samadai, and more.

There were also other genres such as fish and shellfish, vegetables, limited time offerings, and regional specials, as well as 10 types of salads. If you actually go to the restaurant and look at the menu list, you will also find a menu of recommended topping combinations. All of the menu items look very tasty, and you will never get tired of tasting delicious curry no matter how many times you go there.



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