I tried to eat at Steak no Asakuma/Japanese steakhouse

About Steak no Asakuma

Asakuma is a steakhouse chain operated by Asakuma Corporation, headquartered in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

The founder, Seiji Kondo, who was called “Mr. Bear” because of his large build, had been running “Driver’s Corner Kitchen Asakuma” as a caterer’s inn before the establishment of the company, and was called “Asaguma no Kuma-san” (Mr. Bear who runs in the morning) because he went out early in the morning to stock up. This nickname is the origin of the name “Asakuma.


From 1,598 yen

[Lunch budget]

From 810 yen


We decided that we wanted to try a delicious hamburger steak, so we decided to go to Steak no Asakuma’s main restaurant. When we checked the reservation status, we found that all the reservations were already made, probably because it was during a consecutive holiday weekend.

The site is about a five-minute walk from Akaike Station, near the Akaike Nishi intersection along the Iida Kaido Road. It is easy to get there on foot, and also easy to get there by car since it is along the main street and there are many parking lots on the premises.

Upon entering the restaurant, we first completed the panel-type reception (I think this reflects the number of waiting groups on the site in real time), and after a while, the waiter showed us our seats. This time we were shown to a table, but I think it is easy to go there with small children or the elderly because there is also a kotatsu-style tatami room!



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