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There are dozens of ramen stores in the Kanto area, a relatively large number.
Many people who live in the Kanto area have probably eaten there before.

Sharin” is operated by Matsufuji Shokuhin, the same company that operates the famous Tokyo Station tsukemen restaurant “Rokurinsha,” which has been selected as one of the 100 best restaurants on the food log every year.

Sha-ring mainly offers two types of noodle menus: Tsukemen (dipping noodles) and Chuka-soba (Chinese noodles).


The soup is slightly light, and the tsukemen has a flavor that really makes you want to eat it again soon.

The noodle size is 200g for the small size and 300g for the standard size. The 300g portion is quite filling, so even an adult male would feel full.

It is commonly known as pork fish, but it still smells good. The representative next to me is delighted, saying, “This is definitely a good dish.

The noodle dish has two rather large pieces of chashu pork. There are also a lot of bamboo shoots on it. There is also an ajitama (seasoned egg) and nori (seaweed), making it look quite luxurious. The medium-thick noodles are slightly visible from there.

Ramen( Chuka soba)

Here is the new chuka soba. It looks very delicious! It is topped with chashu pork, menma, nori, green onion, and naruto!

The soup is mild and soy sauce flavored. The aroma of seafood broth is nice! The aromatic oil was a nice and rich flavorful soup!

The noodles are thick and curly. They have a soft texture with a rough texture. They have a delicious wheat flavor and are well mixed with the rich soup! They were very tasty noodles!

There is a wide variety of condiments at the table. I enjoyed changing the flavor by pouring pepper on the noodles halfway through the meal.

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