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The restaurant’s former manager, Kazuo Yamagishi, is also known as the “god of ramen.” It is said that the first “tsukemen” (dipping noodles) was made by serving customers morisoba, a dish that Mr. Yamagishi ate while training at the restaurant.


The quantity of morisoba noodles is 320 grams, more than 1.5 times that of a regular restaurant.
The dipping sauce for morisoba has green onions floating in it, nori, menma, chashu pork, and boiled egg.

The tsukemen soup is simply half a boiled egg, nori, and scallions.

When you slurp the soup, the sweetness comes to the fore.
The soup is a little thinner than it looks, although the fishmeal secretary is rather present.
The noodles are thinner than expected (medium-thick noodles), but they are quite firm and smooth.

I am not sure about Taisho-Ken because there are so many stores, but I guess it is divided into directly managed stores and others.
There were fewer directly managed stores than I expected.



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