【Ramen】Chicken white soup Ramen Jiyugaoka Kageyama

What is Kageyamaro?

Owner Kenichi Kageyama is well known in the Chinese food world.

He has served as head chef at “Chimisai” in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, “Nan-en” at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, “Nan-en” at Keio Plaza Hotel in Takamatsu, Kagawa, “Chikushiro” in Ebisu, Tokyo, and “LONG” at Yokohama Bayside Marina, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kageyamaro’s specialty menus are “Shark’s Fin” and “Chicken Hakyu”.

Chicken white soup Ramen(Tori baitan Ramen)

I knew there was lettuce on it, but it was more filling than I expected.

The lettuce, steamed chicken, fried leeks, chili peppers, ajitama (seasoned egg), and lemon also add to the bright colors of the dish.

It is a chicken white soup with a rich flavor, but the palate is light and not cloying. The saltiness is exquisite and the roundness is wonderful. You can feel the skill of the chef.

The noodles are medium-thick, sloppy, and hard boiled. I did not think the noodles themselves were that tasty, but they seemed to soak into the soup.

The ingredients are excellent, by the way. Every time you eat the noodles, something is involved, creating a slightly different flavor. The fried green onions works well.

Salt ramen(Shio ramen)

The ramen comes with lemon.

My first impression is that there are a lot of vegetables, and it looks very healthy.

The soup is a very thick and slightly thick white soup.

All of Kageyama-san’s dishes have vegetables on top, so they all look gorgeous.

I think the salad-like vegetables are very nice and comfortable.

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