How to get to Mt. Ohira

About Mt. Ohira

Mt. Ohira is a mountain range about 5 km west of Tochigi city center in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, with an altitude of 345 meters. It stretches from Tochigi City to Ohira Town and is surrounded by abundant natural resources, fresh air and beautiful scenery, making it an excellent place for outdoor sports and relaxation. In addition, about 3,000 cherry trees are planted at the foot of the eastern side of the mountain range, making it a cherry blossom viewing spot in the spring.

Near the summit of Ohirayama is a viewing platform called Kenshindaira and the Ohirasan Shrine, which was built in 827. From Kenshindaira, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Kanto Plain, the hills scattered across the plain, and various other scenery, which has earned it the nickname “Matsushima of the Land”; Ohirasan Shrine is a shrine for Japanese military generals, especially for the third Tokugawa Oirayama Shrine is a shrine for Japanese military generals, especially since the third Tokugawa Shogun Iemitsu (1604-1651, Iemitsu), almost every generation of shoguns has paid homage at the shrine.

How to get there

【Train】Take the Kanto Bus (bound for Kokugakuin via Yamacho) from Tobu or JR Tochigi Station, and get off at Kokugakuin-mae stop (about 15 minutes)

【Car】Take the Tohoku Expressway Tochigi IC, and get off at Kokugakuin-mae stop (about 15 minutes)


Lake Yamanaka, the closest lake to Mt. Fuji. On the northern shore of the lake, you can see a gentle mountain range stretching from east to west. The Tokai Shizen Hodo (Tokai Nature Trail) runs along the ridges that seem to offer good views.

Among them, Mt. Ohira, at 1,296 meters above sea level, is located just north of the lake. The view from the summit is promising. Ishiwarizan (Mt. Ishiwarizan) to the northeast, but we recommend hiking from Hananomiyako Koen (Hana no Miyako Park) to Mt. Fuji and the white peaks of the Southern Alps in the distance will surely exceed your expectations.


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