How to get to Osaki Ebisu Shrine

About Osaki Ebisu Shrine

Omae Ebisu Shrine is a shrine located in Mamioka City in the southeastern part of Tochigi Prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan, and was built on December 9, 1989. The huge statue of Ebisu enshrined in the shrine is 20 meters tall and is said to be the largest Ebisu statue in Japan. Ebisu, also known as Ebisu, is a god of the sea in Japanese mythology, and is one of the seven gods of good fortune, and the only one of the seven gods that is inherently Japanese.

The statue of Ebisu is usually in the posture of holding a snapper, but the one of Omae Ebisu Shrine is holding a carp, which is very unique. The shrine has a peaceful and quiet environment, with ancient colors and a sense of harmony, and the grounds are filled with red plums from late December to late March every year, making it a famous place to enjoy plum blossoms.

In addition, Omae Ebisu Shrine holds two important festivals, “Hatsumode Ebisu Festival” and “Mate Ebisu Festival”, on January 10 and December 10 every year, and on the day of the festivals, the shrine will put up the “Daikoku-same-Ebisu-same-Ebisu”. On the day of the festival, the shrine will hang the scroll of “Daikoku-san-hye” and offer the bokseong used for the first hob and live male and female carp to pray for prosperity, business, health, longevity, and protection from disasters.

How to get there

Train / Bus: Approx. 15 min. walk from Kita-Mooka Station of Mooka Tetsudo Railway
Car: Approx. 20 min. from Moka IC of Kita-Kanto Expressway


Omae Ebisu Shrine is the Wakamiya Shrine of the Omae Shrine in Engishiki, which was completed on December 10, 1989 with the dedication ceremony for the shrine.
For prayers, please visit Omae Ebisu Shrine, the most Ebisu-sama shrine in Japan.


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