How to get to Uesugi Shrine

About Uesugi Shrine

Uesugi Shrine is located in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It is a shrine dedicated to Kenshin Uesugi, a famous general of the Warring States period, and is one of the main sightseeing spots in Yonezawa City. Kenshin Uesugi was a daimyo active in the Warring States period of Japan, known by his nickname “Tiger Chiyo” and his adult name Nagao Keitoku. In 1578, Kenshin died suddenly at Kasugayama Castle in Echigo, and his remains were buried in the Buddhist style in the castle’s Fugenan. Yonezawa clan, and at the same time, moved Kenshin’s shrine to Yonezawa as well.

Uesugi Shrine is located in Matsugasaki Park (formerly Yonezawa Castle Ruins, Matsugasaki Park). The original main hall was burned down in the Taisho era and was rebuilt in 1923 to the design of Dr. Tadota, the famous designer of Meiji Jingu and Heian Jingu. In addition to the main hall, there are also historical buildings in the park, such as the Kamigashiki Memorial Hall, the statue of Lord Kenshin Kamigashiki, and the statue of Lord Hawksan Kamigashiki, where visitors can feel the vicissitudes of history for themselves as they stroll through the park.

How to get there

10 minutes by bus from Yonezawa Station (5 minutes from Uesugi Jinja-mae bus stop)


I have visited several times. The cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring. The best time to visit is in the fall because there are many tourists in the spring. By the way, autumn is the best time to visit because it is hot in summer and there is heavy snowfall in winter. You can feel the history of Uesugi. The Uesugi mausoleum is located a short distance away, which is also a good place to visit. It is cool even in summer. At the entrance of the shrine, you can buy souvenirs and there is a large parking lot.


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