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About Sankyo Warehouse

Located in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, the Yamaji Warehouse was built in 1893 as a warehouse attached to the Sakata City Rice Exchange, and now serves both as an agricultural warehouse and a tourist attraction. It is a historical witness to Sakata’s glorious past and one of the most representative symbols of Sakata.

The Yamaji Warehouse consists of 12 rice barns with a double roof in the style of an earthen walled barn, and the structure of the interior of the warehouse is protected from moisture, and tall zelkova trees are planted behind it to provide shelter from the wind and rain and shade for visitors in summer. One building is the “Shonai Rice Museum,” where the characteristics and history of Sakata rice are explained in detail with elaborate models and display boards, and the other is the “Sakata Yume no Club. The other building is open to the public as the “Sada Yume no Club”.

The other building is open to the public as the “Sakata Yume no Club”. The Sakata Yume no Club consists of two halls: Hall 1, “Hana-no-kan”, and Hall 2, “Kou-no-kan”. The second pavilion has a special sales area where visitors can bring souvenirs for friends and family at home.

How to get there

10 minutes by bus from Sakata Station


Very beautiful, stylish, and healing.
It was a wonderful place.
It was a very hot and humid day,
But when I was on the terrace next to the warehouse with the sun shining through the trees
the heat was gone at once.


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