Nagasaki Night View Spot Recommendation 9|Lots of local spots recommended by locals! Also includes information on parking.

The beautiful night view of Nagasaki City has been selected as one of the three best night views in Japan and the three newest night views in the world. It is a must-see for tourists who come to Nagasaki.

In this post, we would like to recommend nine places to view the nightscape of Nagasaki City. Not only the famous Mt. Inasa and Mt. Nabekappuyama, but also other places that can be viewed by car, and even places that you have to go on foot! Please take a look at them for reference.

Recommended spots with night views of Nagasaki City

1. Inasayama Park 稲佐山公園

The first one I would like to introduce is the night view from the Inasa-yama Observatory, which is a classic spot.
Inasa is, after all, a spectacular night view.
Inasa, which has been selected as one of the three most beautiful nightscapes in Japan and one of the three most beautiful nightscapes in the world.

Nagasaki from an altitude of 333 meters above sea level is like a sparkling jewel box.

From the Mt. Inasa Observatory, you can also see the Goddess of Mercy Bridge, the gateway to Nagasaki Port.
However, the angle is a little hidden by the mountains in the foreground.

The spotlight at the foot of the observatory is also nice.
There is only one heart-shaped light hidden among these lights.
It is fun to search for it with your girlfriend or significant other.

Since it is a mountaintop, it is unobstructed and very windy and cold.
Don’t forget to bring a jacket to wear.

And about access by car.
If you are visiting Mt. Inasa on a holiday, be aware that there may be restrictions on entry for private cars!
If only cabs are allowed to enter, you will have to park your car in the parking lot in the middle of the mountain and take a microbus.

For more information↓↓
Mt. Inasa General Vehicle Entry Restriction Day

Even on days when there are no restrictions on general vehicle admission, the parking lots at the top of the mountain are crowded due to the small number of cars available.
It is possible to wait 20 to 30 minutes for a parking space at the summit.

2. Nabekanayama Park 鍋冠山公園

Next, I would like to introduce “Nabekanayama” (Mt. Nabekan).
There is often a debate among Nagasaki locals about the “Inasa-yama vs. Nabekan-yama” nightscape.
While Mt. Inasa looks down from the top of the mountain, Mt. Nabekan looks down from a little above the cityscape built on the mountainside.
Although not flashy, it is a popular spot because of its beautiful view of Nagasaki’s port.

Furthermore, in the direction of Mt. Inasa, you can see the illumination of the “Giant Cantilever Crane,” which has been recognized as a Heritage of Industrial Operation. In this way, you realize that Nagasaki is a shipbuilding town.

If you look further out to the open sea, you can see the illumination of the “Goddess of Mercy Bridge,” the gateway to Nagasaki Port.
You may even be able to see a ship passing by.

The best time to view it is when the sun goes down to dark, but the scenery from this observation deck is great during the day as well!
Nagasaki is an international port, so large cruise ships often enter the port.

This is the best spot to take pictures of large cruise ships.
You may be able to see such a wonderful scene.

The observation deck has recently been renovated and is much cleaner.
It is much larger than the previous observation deck, so you can enjoy the view at your leisure.

The parking lot is currently under construction and will be closed until February 28, 2017.
There are about 4 temporary parking spaces available, but they are few and may be crowded.

3. Mt. Konpira peak 金比羅山山頂

It is a wonderful spot to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Nagasaki.

Mt. Inasa is 333 meters above sea level, while Mt.
Inasa, Mt. Konpira’s elevation is 372 meters, making it possible to enjoy the night view of Nagasaki from a higher altitude than Mt.

Unlike other night view spots, you can see not only the night view of the center of Nagasaki City, but also the northern part of the city toward Tokitsu Nagayo.

The night view of the northern part of the city is also very beautiful and impressive.

Another good point of this spot is that you can see Mt.Inasa

The radio tower at Mt. Inasa is also beautiful to look at as it is illuminated in various colors and changes.

The best time to visit is a little earlier in the day to coincide with the sunset.

You can enjoy the gradual waning of the city of Nagasaki with the beautiful sky.

In winter, it is the best time to visit.

In the winter, the radio tower at Mt. Inasa is lit up in various colors, and it is beautiful to see.

The best time to visit is a little earlier in the day to coincide with the sunset.

You can enjoy the gradually fading city of Nagasaki with the beautiful sky.

In winter, the sun sets near the top of Mt.

In winter, the sun sets near the top of Mt.

Mt. Konpira summit is the best place to go….
Actually, you cannot go there by car.
You have to park your car and climb up the mountain, a difference in height of about 200 meters. It is quite tough.


Since it is a mountain road, it will be pitch dark after dark.
Don’t forget a flashlight.
Also, the path is slippery, so make sure to wear good shoes. Heels are not recommended.
Bring your own drinks.

If you want to park your car, you can do so at the Tateyama Park parking lot.
However, please note that the parking lot is locked at 6:00 p.m. from December to February.

From Tateyama Park, go first to Kompira Shrine.
After passing Kompira Shrine, you will find a plaza (Kompira Park).
From the plaza, follow the trail on the far left to the summit, which is about 600 meters away.

4. Venus Observatory 金星観測点

Currently, the observatory is off-limits due to the foundation of the observatory rotting and threatening to collapse.
I hope they will fix it soon.

From here, a 20-30 minute walk will take you to the summit of Mt.
Kompira, so please give it a try.

5. Along the national highway in Tateyama 立山の国道沿い

The night view of Nagasaki can be enjoyed from the national highway in the Hamadaira and Nishizaka area of Nagasaki City, an area lined with the Hotel Nagasaki and Nisokan.

The night view from here is very beautiful because it is close to the center of the city and also because you can see the illuminated Goddess of Mercy Bridge and the port of Nagasaki in front of you.

The only drawback of this spot is that there is no place to park your car.
However, it is a great spot to view from inside a car as a driving route.

6. Tohakkei park 唐八景公園

The night view of Nagasaki City can also be enjoyed from Tohakkei Park.
Since it is a little farther away, it is a little less spectacular than other places.
Parking space is reserved for about 40 cars.。

7. Kazegashira park 風頭公園

The next stop is Kazagashira Park, familiar to visitors for its statue of Ryoma Sakamoto.
From the observatory in Kazagashira Park, you can enjoy the night view of the Goddess of Mercy Bridge and Mount Inasa all at once.

However, the view from the observatory is a little disturbing.
I feel they are in the way a little.


There is no parking at the park. You must use a nearby paid parking lot, but most parking lots are closed at night.
We have found a parking lot nearby that has about 3 spaces but is rented 24 hours a day, so we have included information about it.

Kazegashira Sakura parking

In this parking lot, you go up to the second floor and write the time of entry and number exit on a piece of paper hanging on the wall by yourself.
You pay into a box attached to the wall.
However, the entrance to this parking lot is very narrow, so good driving skills are required.

Also, the place with the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto is not the observatory.
You can see the night view from here, but the trees are in the way and you can only catch a glimpse of it.
Further into the park, there is an observatory. Please note that we were almost deceived.

8. Dejima Neighborhood Park 出島近隣公園

This is a relatively new park, built in 2010. Because of its proximity to the city, the light from each house is very beautiful.
The park is in a V-shaped valley, with houses lining the hills on both sides.
It is a spot where you can enjoy the toy-like townscape.

The parking lot has space for 17 cars and is not too crowded.
This is the best spot to relax and enjoy the night view.

9. Inasa Neighborhood Park and Surrounding Area 稲佐近隣公園とその周辺

The last park we will introduce is Inasa Neighborhood Park.
As the name suggests, this park is located halfway up Mt.
It is like enjoying the night view from a little above the residential area.
However, compared to the past, it has become a bit rundown, and in the area where we had the most beautiful view, bamboo had grown up and was interfering with the scenery.
It would have been a great spot if it had been better maintained.

There is a nice spot where you can enjoy the night view over the ropeway from the national road a little higher up from Inasa Neighborhood Park.


Did you enjoy this article? We have introduced nine recommended places in Nagasaki City where you can see the night view.
Nagasaki City as a whole has narrow streets, so be sure not to park on the street.
Please mind your manners and have fun viewing the night views!

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