Save money traveling between Osaka and Nagoya! Summary of how to buy and use the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass

Since I had many opportunities to travel between Osaka and Nagoya, I searched for a means of traveling as cheaply as possible and found out that the Kinki Nippon Railway’s “Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass” ticket existed.

If you use it well, you can enjoy a great deal of travel in the Kansai area.

What is the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass


The Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass is a special ticket that allows you to freely get on and off all Kintetsu lines for three consecutive days including Saturday and Sunday.

Kinki Nippon Railway is a major private railway company with a business network spanning two prefectures: Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Mie and Aichi. If you can freely get on and off the station shown below, you can access various popular sightseeing spots in the Kansai area at a great price!


How to Buy a Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass

Let’s start with Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass prices and where to buy them.

Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass Fee

Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass rates are divided into adult and child rates, which are listed below.

Adult Child
Fare 4,100 yen 2,050 yen

Where to buy a Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass

There are two ways to purchase the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass *This service is not available at money stores.

  • Purchase at Kintetsu limited express ticket counters at stations where limited express tickets are available
  • Purchase at Kinki Nippon Tourist nationwide

When purchasing at the counter at a station where limited express tickets are available


The easiest way to purchase tickets is at the counter at Kintetsu limited express ticket sales stations. Credit cards are also accepted.
Refunds are available only if the ticket is unused and within the validity period. (A handling fee of 500 yen will be charged.)

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing tickets is that you CANNOT purchase tickets on the day of use! Be sure to purchase your tickets at least one day before your departure date.

Please check the Kintetsu limited express ticket sales stations below▼.

List of Kintetsu Limited Express Ticket Sales Stations

When purchasing from Kinki Nippon Tourist


Quote from:『近畿日本ツーリスト公式ホームページ

As mentioned above, the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass must be purchased at least one day before the day of use.

If you live outside of the Kansai region, such as Tokyo or Yokohama, and cannot purchase a ticket in advance at the above mentioned express ticket sales stations, you can purchase a ticket at Kinki Nippon Tourist stores located throughout Japan.

Please see below for the nearest Kinki Nippon Tourist stores.

List of Kinki Nippon Tourist stores

Comparison of transportation costs between Osaka and Nagoya

Now that we have compiled all the information necessary to purchase a Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass, the most important question is how much more economical is it compared to other means of travel between Osaka and Nagoya? The most important question is how much more economical is it compared to other ways to travel between Osaka and Nagoya?

Here is a comparison of the following five methods of travel.

  • If you use the Weekend Free Pass and travel only on Kintetsu’s conventional lines
  • If you purchase a weekend free pass and a separate express ticket and travel on the Urban Liner
  • If you travel by Shinkansen
  • If you travel only by JR conventional train
  • If you travel by express bus

※In addition to the Weekend Free Pass, express tickets can be purchased to shorten travel time (1,900 yen one-way between Osaka-Namba and Nagoya for the express).

Below is a table comparing the main means of transportation, fares, and travel time between Osaka and Nagoya.
The most recommended weekend free pass + limited express ticket saves more than 4,000 yen round trip compared to the Shinkansen ride.

【Osaka-Nagoya Transit and Cost Comparison】

Type Fare Required Time
Weekend Free Pass
(Kintetsu Railway Conventional Lines)
2050yen  3 hours 45 minutes
Weekend Free Pass + Limited Express Ticket
(Kintetsu Limited Express Urban Liner)
3950yen  2 hours 15 minutes
Shinkansen 5830yen〜6,560yen 1 hour
JR Conventional Line 3350yen 2 hours 45 minutes
highway bus 1,000〜11,600yen 3 to 5 hours

The Weekend Free Pass + Express Ticket is not the cheapest, but it is a very cost-effective transportation option, both in terms of price and travel time.

The Weekend Free Pass can be used as many times as you like after traveling between Osaka and Nagoya during its validity period, so the more you use it, the more you save.

Other ways to use the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass

Kintetsu has two sightseeing trains. You can also board these trains by paying an express fare and a special car fare in addition to the Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass.

Ride Shimakaze to Ise Jingu Shrine

The “Shimakaze” makes a round trip once a day between Osaka Namba Station and Kintetsu Nagoya Station, respectively, and Kenshima Station in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

Quote from:『

Ise Jingu Shrine is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan. It is fun to eat and walk around in Okage Yokocho, located right next to the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu.


Quote from:『ZEKKEI Japan

Riding the Blue Symphony to Kinpozan Temple

The “Symphony of Blue,” a sightseeing express train, makes two round trips a day between Osaka Abenobashi Station and Yoshino Station.


Quote from:『近鉄観光特急「青の交響曲(シンフォニー)」が奏でる奈良・吉野極上旅

Kinpusenji Temple is a World Heritage Site. It is a very popular tourist destination during the cherry blossom and fall foliage seasons.


Quote from『金峯山寺と天川村 | 奈良まほろばブログ


We introduced here a bout Kinki Nippon Railway’s special ticket “Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass”.

The more you use during the period of use, the cheaper the ticket, so why not use it when you go to the Kansai region on a weekend.

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