Trip to Ogasawara Islands

Japan’s paradise – Otaruhara Islands

People are often attracted to isolated islands in the world, such as the Himalayas, the Colon Islands and Tahiti.

One of the pleasures of tourism is to wash the dust mites, and the Ogasawara Islands are just a place where you can forget the world. In addition to the inhabited parent island and mother island, the Ogasawara Islands also include about 30 large and small uninhabited islands, which are centered on the parent island and the mother island. So how do you get to the Ogasawara Islands?

The Ogasawara Islands are located on the Pacific Ocean about 1000 kilometers south of the Japanese archipelago. There is no airport. The only external means of transportation is the ship.

It is a real mysterious place. It takes about 25 and a half hours to get to the second port of the father island by taking the regular ferry “Otaruhara Maru” from Tokyo Takeshichi Pier. Otarubara is an ocean-going passenger ship with a total tonnage of 6,700 tons.

It offers hotel-style rooms, a deck bar overlooking the Pacific Ocean while sipping tea, and a restaurant that uses Okinawa’s local ingredients to create a restaurant for a comfortable sea trip.

Experience the World Heritage Site of Ogasawara Islands

Clear, blue, dazzling sea, vibrant forest, fascinating starry sky… Otaru is a part of the universe, where you can feel the pulse of the earth and accept the deep affection of nature.

Why not stay away from the world, spend a leisurely and pleasant time on the island, and leave a good memory? You can try a lot of nature experience tours that are unique to Ogasawara, so that everyone can enjoy it.

First go out to the sea to have a look. From the second port of the father’s island, you can watch whales, take a tour boat tour, and participate in swimming with dolphins. The scuba diving whale can dive to the depth of 1000 meters and then float to the surface like a submarine.

The humpback whale dances a huge body that is 13 meters long and weighs 40 tons. It jumps continuously, and this scene is even more wonderful. You can listen to the humpback whales with a microphone under the water, or you can take a look at the wild dolphins and swim in the sea with them. Intimate contact with dolphins allows you to understand their pure heart and become gentle and kind.


Access to the Ogasawara Islands is only by ferry. You can not go by plane. There are no airports currently available on the Ogasawara Islands where ordinary aircraft can take off and landing, and there are only helicopters and Iwo Jima in the emergency for the SDF.

Ferry to Ogasawara island

おがさわら丸 (定期船 小笠原父島のフェリー)


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