3 transportation options from Shinjuku to Hakone

The natural scenery is beautiful, the hot spring resources are numerous, and it is close to the metropolitan area. There are mountain bikes with cable cars, museums and Hakone with tourist destinations. It has always been the darling of visitors to Japan. We introduces three transportation options from Shinjuku to Hakone.

【Train】Buying romance car tickets for Hakone from Odakyu Shinjuku Station in English
Buying romance car tickets for Hakone from Odakyu Shinjuku Station in ...

Odakyu romance car train to Hakone

“Odakyu Romance car” is a special express train that can go directly to Hakone. For the comfort of the passengers, the car also provides coffee space, spacious and comfortable toilet. It takes 85 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Hakone Yumoto Station and costs 2,280 yen (1,090 yen for the ticket + 1190 yen for the express coupon).

How to buy the ticket

The seats are all seated on the voucher. When you purchase a general ticket (ticket), you need to purchase a special coupon. You can purchase it at the station window on the same day, you can also make an appointment online or purchase, or you can use the phone (03-3481-0066: Press “1” during the automatic voice service, there will be a manual service, which can correspond to English or Chinese) reservation.

Of course, you can also use the automatic ticket machine at the station to buy. The automatic ticket machine can also correspond to English in addition to Japanese.

Odakyu romance car seat is a sightseeing seat, so you may not be able to buy a ticket on the same day, so please make an appointment as soon as possible to determine your itinerary.

You can also choose a seat with a better view (the phone for automatic voice service cannot be selected). Tickets can be purchased at the window or at the automatic ticket machine on the day of the ride.

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Going to Hakone by local train

First, take the Odawara Line in Odakyu, or go to Odawara (about 90 to 95 minutes).

After that, transfer to the Hakone Tozan Line in Odakyu, and reach Hakone Yumoto Station (Hakone Yumoto) in about 15 minutes. The total fare is about 1190 yen.

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Going to Hakone by Bus

Choose a fast bus with attached toilets and direct access to Hakone. At the entrance to the Hakone Expressway, you can see the magnificent Mount Fuji.

It is also possible to wait for an underground car at the Hakone area or in front of the hotel, but it takes about 2,000 yen and takes about 2 hours. (The fare varies depending on the place of departure. For example, if you get off at the hotel in Hakone Odakyuyama, the cost is 2210 yen, which takes about 135 minutes).

How to buy the ticket

It can be purchased directly at the Odakyu Express Bus Service Center (located on the first floor of the Hale in the west exit of Shinjuku Station). Business hours 07:00~22:30, please note! After 21 o’clock, only the ticket for the day will be sold.

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