All about Inaho Limited Express to Niigata and Akita! Fares, stops, and more!

What is Inaho Limited Expres?

Inaho is a special express train operated by East Japan Railway Company between Niigata Station and Sakata/Akita Stations via Hakushin Line and Hetsu Main Line.

The name “Inaho” is a reference to the “Inaho” of rice cultivation, as the train runs through the Shonai Plain, one of the most famous rice-producing areas in Japan.

It’s a long-distance train that connects Niigata to Akita in 3.5 hours, and an essential train for traversing the Tohoku region!

If you are considering a trip, this article is highly recommended, so have a look!

Limited Express Inaho Stations and Fares

Stations where the Inaho limited express train stops are here!

Niigata, Toyoe, Shinbashida, Nakajo, Sakamachi, Murakami, Fuya, Atsumi Onsen, Tsuruoka, Yome, Sakata, Yusa, Zogata, Nikaho, Hago Honjo, Akita

Limited Express Inaho trains connect not only Niigata to Akita, but also Niigata to Sakata.
Check your destination when you board!

Here are the fares between major stations. (The fare for the train ticket is included.)

Niigata – Murakami
Non-reserved seat 2,120 yen Reserved seat 2,650 yen Green seat 3,420 yen

Niigata – Tsuruoka
Non-reserved seat 4,000 yen Reserved seat 4,530 yen Green seat 6,800 yen

Niigata – Sakata
Non-reserved seat 4840 yen Reserved seat 5370 yen Green seat 7640 yen

Niigata – Hago Honjo
Non-reserved seat 6050 yen Reserved seat 6580 yen Green seat 10240 yen

Niigata – Akita
Non-reserved seat 6820 yen Reserved seat 7350 yen Green seat 11010 yen

Akita – Sakata
Non-reserved seat 3340 yen Reserved seat 3870 yen Green seat 6140 yen

Akita – Murakami
Non-reserved seat 5720 yen Reserved seat 6250 yen Green seat 9910 yen

The Inaho Limited Express has unreserved seats, reserved seats, and green cars!

Next, I would like to introduce the interior of the limited express Inaho that I rode the other day!

Window frame issue for reserved and unreserved seats

Since the Inaho Limited Express runs along the Sea of Japan, it is also known as a train that offers a panoramic view of the ocean from its windows.

If you go to the trouble, you would like to see it from a good seat, wouldn’t you?

But on the Inaho Limited Express, some of the seats are obstructed by window frames.
I pulled it out lol.

The photo above is the Akita-bound train, row 7.

As you can see, the Akita-bound train had window frames on the odd-numbered rows.
I think the seats for Niigata are rotated, so the window frames will probably be placed on the even-numbered seats.

So you should sit in the even-numbered rows for Akita and in the odd-numbered rows for Niigata!
Also, the sea side is row A, so don’t forget this one!

If you want to take the limited express Inaho at a discount, use “Ekinet

The most economical way to ride the limited express Inaho is to use JR East’s online reservation service, “Ekinet.

This is the most economical way.

There are two types of early-bird discounts available on Ekinet, as follows.

Eki-net Tokudate Value
10% discount if you apply by the day of boarding.

Apply at least 13 days before boarding and get a 30% discount.
30% discount if you apply up to 13 days prior to boarding.

This applies only to reserved seats, but it is still a great discount!
There is also an irregular “Ekinetto Okitate Tokudarebi Special” that offers a 50% discount.

Click here to visit Ekinet!

Direct transfer to the Shinkansen at Niigata Station, which is connected to the limited express Tsugaru and Shinkansen

The limited express Inaho connects at Akita Station to the “Tsugaru” train going to Aomori and at Niigata Station to the “Joetsu Shinkansen” train going to Tokyo!

So you can smoothly change trains!

At Niigata Station, you can also transfer to the limited express Shirayuki going to Kashiwazaki, Naoetsu, and Joetsu Myoko.

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