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About Noboribetsu Marine Park

Noboribetsu Marine Park Nix, with its eye-catching castle-like exterior, is a famous spot in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido. Not only does it have a gorgeous appearance, but it is also an aquarium that sets itself apart from other aquariums with fascinating exhibits and valuable experiences both outdoors and inside the building. There are so many things to see and do that you will want to visit Noboribetsu not only on your way to Noboribetsu Onsen Hot Springs, but also for the sole purpose of visiting Noboribetsu.

How to get there

(1)5 minutes on foot from Noboribetsu Station
(2)About 5 minutes from Noboribetsu Higashi IC of Hokkaido Expressway

If you want to visit Noboribetsu Marine Park, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy discount Tickets


I went to Noboribetsu to visit this place.
I had been to Noboribetsu before, but my child really wanted to go, so we went together.
There were a lot of people there during GW, but we managed to see the penguin parade, the dolphin show and the sardine illumination.
It was very interesting!
The food was very crowded, but there were a lot of people at the restaurant, so it went more smoothly than I expected.
We enjoyed it for a long time, from 12:00 to about 16:30.
We only rode the Ferris wheel at the amusement park next door, but it was great to see Nix Castle and the train from above!


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