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About Sendai Mediatheque

The Sendai Media Center was designed by Toyo Ito, one of Japan’s leading contemporary architects, and opened in 2001. It is located on Jozenji street in Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, and is a complex cultural facility that combines exhibition rooms, a library, a video center, a media center, an art center, and an event center.

The Sendai Media Center is a miracle in itself, consisting of six floors (metal plates) and thirteen iron skeletal shafts shaped like swaying seaweed (called tubular pillars) that form all of the space on the second floor underground and seven floors above ground; the outside is fitted with a full sheet of glass, allowing visitors on the outside to see the skeletal structure of the inner pillars directly, while those inside can clearly look around Jozenji Street, giving a sense of unity between the inside and the outside. A sense of unity. Since its construction, the Sendai Media Center has attracted many world-renowned architects to visit the building and has been used as a location for Sendai’s popular magazines (COLOR) and many movies and TV shows.

The first floor of the Sendai Media Center is an open plaza where art, music (Live) and cultural events are held, and it has become a center for Sendai’s art-related distribution and customer gathering, as well as a hub for art-related stores and private companies.

How to get there

(1) 5-minute walk from Kotodai Koen Station on the Namboku Subway Line.


The building has three innovative structural points of architecture: 13 giant tubes, seven layers of steel plates and a double-skin glass wall. The facility, which also won the Good Design Award Grand Prix, attracts many visitors from abroad. In addition to a theatre showing independent films and masterpieces, a café and museum shop, there is also a gallery.

A building made entirely of steel and glass, a design that is attracting attention around the world.

Located along Jozenji Street, this comprehensive cultural facility of the city of Sendai includes a library, a mini-theatre, galleries and studios. The facility has a very open and bright atmosphere, and is particularly characterised by its tube-and-beam structure, known as a ramen structure, which has won numerous awards in the field of architecture. The tubes, which are indeed exposed and assembled, are a sight to behold!


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