【Great airplane view】How to get to Toho Shrine by public transportation

About Toho Shrine

Toho Shrine is famous for the fact that airplanes fly past right in front of it, but its accessibility is poor and can only be reached by car.

In the past, due to the complicated history of Narita Airport, it was considered a spot where 100% of people would be interrogated, but now it has become a popular spot for taking powerful photos of airplanes.

How to get there

The roads around the shrine are relatively wide and well maintained, and the news of the opposition, which at one time was militant, is not heard these days, making it seem like a distant memory, but the movement against the airport, which began in 1966, has not been resolved even today. The perimeter is surrounded by a double fence and looks very materialistic.

It is located at the southern end of Runway B at Narita Airport. The location is such that you could say it is on the runway.

If you take Prefectural Route 44 from the direction of Narita Airport, you will pass through a tunnel that goes under Runway B and the taxiway.

As soon as you exit the tunnel, there is an intersection with a Lawson, so turn right.

After passing through a short tunnel under the taxiway, you will come to this location.

By bus

Chiba Kotsu Kurimoto Line Terminal 2 (Bus Stop 28B) → Shinden, 200 yen

Chiba Kotsu Kurimoto Line timetable


Local bus + walking
Narita Ichiba Shuttle Bus Terminal 2 (Bus Stop 28B) → Narita Ichiba 200 yen

Chiba Kotsu Narita Ichiba Shuttle Bus Timetable


Narita City Community Bus
Tsutomiura Route Keisei Narita Station East Exit→Tobu 100yen

Narita City Community Bus (Tsutomiura Route) Timetable


On foot

Terminal 3→Tomine Shrine 2.3 km approx. 30 min.

Exit the airport through the gate next to Terminal 3.

Turn right in front of Narita Tobu Hotel Airport

③Toyoko Inn Narita Airport Shinkan

④Turn right at the intersection of ABC Parking

The walk from Terminal 3 is a little over 2 km, or about 30 minutes if you walk slowly. There is a gate next to Terminal 3 that allows access to the airport, so if you can find it, you should have no problem. The sidewalks near Narita Tobu Hotel Airport are a little narrow, but there are safe sidewalks from near Toyoko Inn to Tobu Shrine.

Toho Shrine Location



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