How to get to Awashima Shrine

About Awashima Shrine

Awasima is a small hill 38 meters above sea level near Mizutori Park in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, in the Chugoku region of Japan. At the top of the hill is an ancient shrine called Awajima Shrine, which is dedicated to the god Shaohoname. Also known as Sukunamegawe, Shokugen, and Shoname Viguna, Shoname was a deity in Japanese mythology who was later worshiped as a god of wisdom and medicine. According to the Chronicle of Ancient Matters, he was the son of the divine emperor Zanrei-zun, and according to the Nihon Shoki, he was the son of the high emperor Zanrei-zun.

The lush primeval forest surrounding Awashima Shrine has been protected for thousands of years as a forest inhabited by the gods, and contains many precious species, thus being recognized as a natural memorial in Tottori Prefecture and a famous destination in Yonago City. The area around the shrine is also known as “Awasima Autumn Moon”, one of the eight scenic spots in Kinkai. Visitors can climb 187 long stone steps to the top of Mount Awashima and enjoy the view of the Kinkai (sea) in the sunset.

How to get there

10 minutes drive from JR Yonago Station


Awashima Shrine is surrounded by the world of mermaids and other spiritualities that preach the growth of the soul. It is a spot that should not be missed as a place that exudes a rare presence.


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