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The great hallowed place of Izumo, Izumo Oyashiro, (出雲大社) is a standout amongst the most essential sanctuaries in Japan.

It is situated in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture.

Izumo Oyashiro reveres Okuninushi no Okami, otherwise called Daikoku-sama. Okuninushi is the author of the country of Japan and the leader of all divine beings in Japan.


In Myth, he gave the country over to the progenitor of the Imperial crew. This celebrated exchange is called “Kuniyuzuri.” Kuniyuzuri is considered as the most essential occasion in Japanese Myth.

Today, Izumo Oyashiro is extremely celebrated for matchmaking for both business and individual. Numerous individuals venerate Izumo Oyashiro to supplicate their prosperity, joy, family riches and wellbeing.

The stupendous Shrine of Izumo, Izumo Oyashiro or otherwise called Izumo Taisya, is a standout amongst the most essential sanctuaries in Japan. It cherishes Okuninushi no Okami who is the leader of each of the 8 million Japanese divine beings and originator of Japanese country. As the pioneer of Japanese individuals in old period, he creates horticulture, fishery, solution and the general public.

In Japanese Myth, he offers the country of Japan to Amaterasu Omikami, who is the progenitor of the magnificent gang. This acclaimed exchange is called “Kuniyuzuri.” This is the most critical occasion ever.


Amaterasu Omikami profoundly acknowledges Okuninusni no Okami’s offer, and she builts the royal residence of Amenohisuminomiya. This royal residence is today’s Izumo Oyashiro. Amaterasu Omikami likewise sends her second child, Ameno hohi, as the hireling of Okuninushi no Okami. The relative of Ameno hohi, has been served as the consecrated minister of Izumo Oyashiro. Current Priest is 84th minister.

Izumo Oyashiro is extremely renowned for matchmaking today. In Japan, October is called “Kannazuki.” It implies month of no divine beings since all Japanese national divine beings are gathered at Izumo Oyashiro. Subsequently, in Izumo, October is called “Kamiarizuki.” From October 11 to 17 (in the old lunar logbook), all divine beings go to Izumo Oyashiro and stay at Jukusya of the place of worship.

They enter Izumo from Inasa Beach where Amaterasu Omikami and Okuninushi no Okami close the arrangement of Kuniyuzuri, and go to the hallowed place. This period, Matsuri called Kamiarisai is held. In this period, all divine beings talk about the general population’s connections, and make new connections and fix former connections of individuals. Along these lines, individuals profoundly regard that Izumo Oyashiro has an energy to make an awesome relationship.


Okuninushi no Okami is otherwise called the master of underworld and leader of human’s sprits.

Honden (fundamental sanctuary)

Legend said, the stature of the fundamental place of worship was utilized to be 48m tall. Current Honden was developed in 1744. It is around 24m tall, and still one of the biggest sanctuary in Japan. This Honden is assigned as the national fortune of Japan.

Okuninushi no Okami confront west, in this manner, there is adoring spot on the west side of the place of worship with the goal that individuals can implore face to him.


… is an adoring hallowed place. There is the best Shimenawa.


There is additionally tremendous Shimenawa. Try not to flip coin here.


There are two Jukusya, east and west. They are the places of worship for amassed divine beings to sit tight.

Sogano Shrine

… cherishes Susano no Mikoto, the sibling of Amaterasu Omikami. He father of Okuninushi no Okami.


Taireisai: May 14 to 16.


October 10, 11 to 17 (in the old lunar timetable).

Official Web: http://www.izumooyashiro.or.jp

Open: 6:00 to 20:00
Museum: 150 yen


use IchiHatakita Line to Kawato Station,then walk.


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