How to get to Uwagami shrine (shrine dedicated to a deity close to the imperial palace)

About Uwagami shrine (shrine dedicated to a deity close to the imperial palace)

Boshanggung Palace is very unique and a great place to pray and seek good fortune. There are many places to take pictures, and there is a small artificial beach next to it, which is not a big place but the scenery is okay. Our wedding photo kimono scene was taken here, feeling quite meaningful, the feeling of being blessed ~

You can ask for a visa in the Namami Palace, if I remember correctly, it seems to be 200 yen a time, I felt once, a small auspicious, think it’s not bad.

How to get there

Take the 5,15 line on the Interchange and get off at Seibumen, a 3-minute walk.


Free of charge


When I arrived at Namikami Shrine, the number of worshippers was relatively small in the morning. After washing your hands and rinsing your mouth at the “Tesui-shed”, you can pay your respects in front of the shrine (there is a sign inside the shrine to guide you on how to pay respects).

After that, we went to the side to draw lots (cost 100 yen). My companion and I both drew “Kogi” (if it’s bad, you can’t take it away and tie it inside the shrine). We each bought a bunch of ema and peace amulets, hung the ema with wishes on the ema wall and got ready to leave. At least 4 or 5 groups of tour groups came and went during the period, this kind of walking around style of play, but really …… do not know what can be seen?


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