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Kasihma Shrine (鹿島神宮, kashimajingu) is the one of the most seasoned Japanese place of worship situated in Kashima, Ibaraki.

The hallowed place shows up in Japanese myth and it said Kasihma Shrine was inherent B.C.E. 660 by the principal Japanese Emperor Jinmu. Kashima Shrine cherishes Takemikazuchi (武甕槌神) who is the divine force of warrior.


Kashima Shrine and Katori Shrine, which reveres Futsunushi no kami (経津主神) who is likewise the divine force of warrior, are the holy place for every military craftsmanship and worriors in Japan.

Hence. numerous Dojo (Japanese combative technique school) have their otherworldly looks for their prosperity and endless success. Since the altar is the holy place for all samurai and warrior, numerous samurai and shogun worshiped this sanctum.


Bokuden Tsukahara (塚原卜伝), “Sensei, the most noteworthy rank of sword expert,” was conceived in Kashima and he discovered reality of sword at this altar. After his demise, numerous samurai and sword expert, even today, visit Kashima Shrine for their accomplishment of their sword.


In the season of divine beings, the mother god, Amaterasuoomikami, and different divine beings set up Japan and to manage Japan, she chose to overcome the cluttered terrains at first. Be that as it may, two of their warriors they sent had fizzled and never returned.

There for the mother god chose to send Takemikazuchi oomikami, to vanquish the those disarranged area. The walk of Takemikazuchi began at Isana Beach at Izumo, and when he completed at Kashima, which is the most distant east of Japan, He manufactured two places of worship, Kashima Shrine and Katori Shrine, to secures their country.

Foundation of Kashima Shrine was the same age when Japanese first ruler was enthrone in BCE 660. The lord of Kashima gave him the holy sword, futsuno mitama no tsurugi, to help his eastern war.


At the season of tenth ruler Sujin, he confronted to numerous calamities and his kin were enduring. Sometime in the future, the ruler got the perfect message of god to cherish his courier, the deer, the he will calm this debacle. In this way, the sovereign conveyed numerous blessing to the god, and brought back the sacrosanct deer at Nara, which was the capital as of now.

At the Heian Period, from the end of eighth century to the end of twelfth century, Kashima Shrine is one of three sanctuaries (Ise Jingu, Katori Jingu and Kashima Jingu) positioned Jingu, the most noteworthy rank of Japanese sanctum.


Haiden and Honden, the fundamental sanctuary, was inherent 1615 by second Tokugawa Shogun, Hidetada.

Kariden is the utilized for brief arrangement of the god, when the fundamental place of worship was in remaking. This is likewise implicit 1615.

Okunoin was inherent 1605 by the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. It was initially the fundamental sanctum, yet when Hidetata fabricated new hallowed place, it was moved to the profound side of Kashima Shrine.

Holy range

Mitarashi ike (body wash lake) is the lake with holy spring which was utilized for washing body before individuals love at Kashima Shrine. Legend said regardless of what tallness of individuals enter this lake, the profundity of water never showed signs of change.

Kaname ishi (Important stone) is the stone which hold the head of earth fish. Individuals trust this world fish course of tremor. As a result of this stone, there is no enormous seismic tremor in Kashima. Stone looks little however it is so tremendous under the ground. No body ever succeeded to uncover this stone.

The Deer is the detachment of Kashima to associate Izumo which is the place that is known for Japanese Gods live. Current deer are given from Nara when all deer passed on, however unique deer of Nara are given from Kashima Shrine.

Futsuno mitama no Tsurugi (布都御魂剣) is the sword made in the first place of Heian period, and one of the national tresure of Japan. It is one of the most seasoned sword in Japan. It has 2.71m length.

Official Web:http://www.kashimajingu.jp/wp/(Japanese as it were)

use JR Narita Line to Sawara (40 min.)


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